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Each symposium should comprise five talks of 20 min each (15 min + 5 min discussion). Symposia can comprise five presentations of original data, or four presentations of original data plus one concluding discussion. 

Symposia should relate to the study of eye movements and eye tracking from a psychological, neurobiological, clinical, computational or applied perspective. Each symposium should provide a large view of one relevant topic and should provoke discussion, representing alternative theoretical views or alternative approaches rather than representing a single school. Symposia participants should come from at least three different institutes.

A symposium submission consists of a 200 to 500 word proposal stating how the individual talks are related and clarifying the benefit of a joint presentation. Before submitting a symposium, the chairs should collect abstracts of all individual talks of their symposium. These individual abstracts must be submitted as one separate PDF document, together with the abstract for the whole symposium. For each talk, this document should consist of a single page, including, the names of the authors, their affiliations, the e-mail address of the corresponding author, the title, and the abstract of the talk. 

Symposia have to be submitted through the ConfTool system. Notification of symposium acceptance will be sent by the end of February 2015. Acceptance of a symposium entails acceptance of all talks of this symposium. Please note that first authors of individual talks in a symposium need to submit their individual talks nonetheless (for inclusion in the final program), but only once the symposium has been accepted.

(In case a symposium is not accepted as a whole, individual contributions of rejected symposia may be submitted by their first authors as individual talks or posters before the general submission deadline.)


Anything unclear?

If you have further questions regarding the submission requirements please contact the organizers


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