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Rules of competition

  1. Any student or PostDoc may enter the competition. Undergraduate or graduate students must submit a confirmation by their supervisors.

  2. Importantly, no conflicts of interest with institutes, patents or collaboration partners are allowed.

  3. Participants may be individuals or a group of individuals. However, a group must consist of either undergraduate students, of graduate students, or of PostDocs only. No mixed groups can be accepted.

  4. Multiple submissions from the same participant/group are allowed.

  5. The software must make use of eye movement data on some level.

  6. The submission can cover almost anything – feel free to use your imagination and to be creative!
    Examples: new software to visualise or analyse eye movements, a new and faster gaze communication method, a novel gaze-controlled way to steer the environment or support mobility, a totally new concept (demonstrated with a proof of concept application), etc.

  7. The competition focuses on new applications of eye tracking. Therefore, the submissions cannot consist of new eye tracking devices built by the participants.

  8. Participants can freely choose their implementation tools and eye tracking devices. However, the submission has to be cross platform compatible and must not be dependent on a specific eye-tracking system or manufacturer.
    The four finalists who will exhibit at ECEM 2015 will be expected to make their software portable to a suitable SMI system for the purposes of demonstration. SMI will support finalists in porting their software for these purposes.
    SMI have also offered loans of systems up to ECEM 2015 for those who may not have a system available. If you want to choose this option, please contact SMI directly: marcom@smi.de

  9. The required language of the submission is English. Other languages may be used in the interface of the application but a report in English is mandatory.

  10. All software must be ready for open source distribution, including full reference to the authors and documentation. This is a prerequisite for entering the competition. The resulting software will become part of the EMRA shared tools in the case of analysis or visualisation of eye data.


Pleases send any submissions, queries or organisational concerns to:


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