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Submission format

The submission must include:

  • A title of the application
  • A complete installation package. Please note that submissions consisting of only a description of an idea, an algorithm, or a concept are not sufficient. The application must be testable and ready to use with an eye tracking device. Therefore, an executable application that demonstrates the idea is mandatory.
  • Installation and setup instructions
  • A brief documentation explaining the idea of the application, brief notes on its implementation and an explanation of how it works. Reports of an initial user/usability test are highly recommended. The documentation should count approximately 1700 words and adhere to the formatting recommendations of the 6th edition of the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (APA).
  • Contact information: Name(s), (team name), organisation, e-mail address, mail address, phone number
  • Supplementary materials, such as videos or still images, are allowed but not required.

Please send the complete submission by email to:


Winning criteria

A jury formed by academic and industrial members will review the submissions, and select finalists out of all submissions. Selection will be based on the following criteria:

  • Originality, innovation and usefulness
  • The extent to which the application takes advantage of eye movement data
  • The extent to which user requirements are taken into account
  • Quality of the submission, including the software and the documentation
  • Portability of the software across eye tracking systems

The finalists are expected to present their software at ECEM 2015. The admission fees for the four finalists will be sponsored by ECEM 2015 - not however travelling expenses and accomodation.

At the conference, ECEM’s participants and jury will vote for their favourite software, and the prize will be then awarded to the winner at the end of ECEM 2015.


Pleases send any submissions, queries or organisational concerns to:


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