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Where did ECEM come from?

In the early 1980s, under the initiative of Rudolf Groner (Bern), Dieter Heller (at that time in Bayreuth) and Henk Breimer (Tilburg), a transdisciplinary network was founded with the informal name of "European Group of Scientists active in Eye Movement Research."

It was joined by numerous scientists from various research areas, all using eye movement registration as a research tool and developing models based on oculomotor data over the whole range of phenomena, from the neurophysiological to the perceptual and to the cognitive level.

What are the goals of ECEM?

The group's goals have been to facilitate exchanging information about current research, equipment, and software, and to organize a conference every two years at a different location in Europe.

Today, ECEM is a forum for professionals and academics from all over the world, who are interested in, work with, and do research on all aspects of eye movements.

We aim to bring together basic researchers in the fields of clinical neurosciences, psychology, and neuropsychology with applied researchers working on gaze control and human factors to promote the exchange of ideas and knowledge and look toward the future of eye movement technologies, their application and research.

Where did ECEM take place previously?

1.Bern, SwitzerlandSeptember 16-19, 1981
2.Nottingham, UKSeptember 19-23, 1983
3.Dourdan (Paris), FranceSeptember 24-27, 1985
4.Göttingen, GermanySeptember 21-24, 1987
5.Pavia, ItalySeptember 10-13, 1989
6.Leuven, BelgiumSeptember 15-18, 1991
7.Durham, UKAug. 31 - Sep. 3, 1993
8.Derby, UKSeptember 6-9, 1995
9.Ulm, GermanySeptember 23-26, 1997
10.Utrecht, NetherlandsSeptember 23-25, 1999
11.Turku, FinlandAugust 22-25, 2001
12.Dundee, ScotlandAugust 20-24, 2003
13.Bern, SwitzerlandAugust 14-18, 2005
14.Potsdam, GermanyAugust 19-23, 2007
15.Southampton, UKAugust 23-28, 2009
16.Marseille, FranceAugust 21-25, 2011
17.Lund, SwedenAugust 11-16, 2013
18.Vienna, AustriaAugust 16-21, 2015


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